Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tagaytay - My Daughter's Birthday Celebration for '06

We always want something new for her birthday. So this year we decided we want to go camping since she has gotten this addiction to the activity. Until d'day we were not decided where to camp. Since we had left the house at 10:30 am, we figured we should just go somewhere nearby and agreed to go to Taal Lake Yacht Club in Talisay Batangas. Our first stop on our way to Talisay was to have lunch at Tagaytay . I remembered reading about a blog on the new Cliffhouse in Tagaytay. The adventurous family that we are, we went there straight without knowing exactly what we wanted to eat. It would've been hard to locate the place as the sign is not in a conspicuous place. But having starbucks for a landmark, it was not so difficult to spot after all. The area has a pleasant and cozy atmosphere, away from the crowd. It has not formally been opened but there are about 4 restaurants that have started operating. The was Buon Giorno, Papa Vinz, Massimo (an ice cream stand) and Lake Grill. Since it was her birthday, Ikee had the privilege to choose where she wanted to eat and she wanted pasta. Buon Giorno was the verdict.

Our meal started with an antipasto which consisted of toast and some spread (pesto is one of them). Then we had a seafood marinara and a ravioli. For a drink I had green tea, Ikee had apple caramel shake while Boyet had Limonatta (the Italian lemonade). It was still early when we finished our meal so we had time to go around the place.

Next we went to Chateau Royale. It was agreed that we'd go fishing there but had soon learned that they transferred the fishing area to another place. We didn't have time to go to that place so we visited the organic farm instead. Chateau Royale has a large pool, organic farms, a children's playground, a paintball warzone, wall climbing, billiards, a restaurant, spa, etc. They even have log cabins where families can stay. These cabins have 2 rooms each where a family of 4 can fit comfortably.

After Chateau Royale we visited the Caleruega Church. We've heard so much about this place. Located inside the Evercrest Compound, Caleruega is 2 km from the gate. This place is on a nice rolling hill with the Church itself at the top of the highest hill. The area is basically like a garden - lots of pine trees, plant and beautifully landscaped areas for viewing the farms below. I remember watching a Filipino film shot in this place. It resembles an american countryside complete with the cool weather. While there, we learned that they do have a campsite and decided we want to camp there after this trip. it was 4 pm then and we had to leave for the Taal Lake Yacht Club where we were to camp overnight.

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