Monday, December 11, 2006

Kusina Salud

From Kusina Salud ...

What better way to enjoy the native Filipino dishes than to be at an ancestral home in the countryside? Such is what Kusina Salud offers. The Restaurant has an array of delectable dishes from long ago and served in a modern concept. I specially enjoyed the Pako Salad which is actually made from a plant of the fern family, mixed with tomatoes, salted eggs (they weren't dyed red mind you), vinegar, onions and ginger. The flavors blended well that it was a perfect appetizer. I also loved the turon and ice cream (I've forgotten what they call it) which is saba wrapped in lumpia wrapper (something like a flimsy tortilla) that's deep fried and topped with vanilla ice cream. The mixture of the icecream with the sweet sour taste of the banana was unique - not too sweet but not sour either. Just simply sumptuous.

Kusina Salud is a treat for the tastebuds. It's owned by Ms. Patis Tesoro, one of the country's best coutourier and known to have saved the Pina cloth - a filipino fabric woven from the pineapple leaves.

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