Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Land the Merlion Protects - family trip to Singapore

I love Singapore among other things. I love how the city is kept clean and how the people are disciplined. You can't buy a chewing gum there because you'll get caught. No kidding. Also, don't try to bring gum nor cigarettes into Singapore because you'll be made to pay dearly. There are many job opportunities for my husband and I. And, not to mention, that it has one of the best educational system in the world.

We were there in October of 2006 and had only 3 days stay . Like the other trips, it was a treat for my daughter. But, we were on a tight budget unlike when we went to the US and to Bangkok. The hotel we booked with was the YWCA Fort Canning Lodge. My husband's cousin, Rowie, who is based there, suggested it. It had a small room but it was clean and we were comfy. The location is great because it is very near the Raffles and very close to the malls. What more could I ask for?

For the 3 days stay we only got to visit 3 places: The Sentosa Island, the Singapore Science Center and the Snow City which is at the back of the SSC. Ikee enjoyed it best at the SSC. I think most kids would. It's an interactive museum which features all kinds of science exhibits and has a 3d movie house. The Snow city is a place to play in a very cold place. It simulates the feeling of a snowland (which is why it's called snow city in the first place... hehehe). We liked it there too because we were able to frolick. It was just soooo cold!

Sentosa is an island. We rode the cable car to get there. And there's a bus that goes around the island if you just want to see it first. There was an aquarium in the likes of the Aquarium of the Pacific but smaller. It was a shame that we didn't get to see the lights show but there's always a next time. Just not sure when though. Great for a family trip too.

The best way, to travel around singapore is via the MRT. It's cheap, fast and you'd get a bird's eyeview of what Singapore really has to offer. There are interconnections almost everywhere that it is impossible to miss it.

Many of the Singaporeans speak english. Not the kind that you'd expect from a Filipino but they're quite good. We did not have a single problem communicating with them. The resto I can recommend is the "a place with no name" or something that sounds like that. it's near the channel where they have the Merlion. Their seafood is to die for!

Shopping in Singapore isn't really that good with the exception of electronic goods. But if you buy electronic goods, you'd have to be a regular traveller to Singapore or know someone who does since the warranty that they give is only applicable in Singapore. I'd buy my goods in my home counry if I were you. The rest are just as much as what we have in the Philippines. Shopping is a lot better in Thailand.

The weather is pretty much like the Philippines. It has two seasons - summer and rain. It gets really hot during the summer and is humid throughout the year.

Well, that's it for now. Ciao!

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