Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Organic Restaurant Called Gourmet's Cafe in Silang Cavite

Today is Black Saturday. As it is customary for my family to go somewhere during this time of the year, we opted to go to Gourmet's Cafe in Silang Cavite. Since we've been there just about 2 weeks ago, we knew where exactly it was and this time we got there just in time for lunch. We had salad from the salad bar but got a seafood pasta, calzone and calamari along with it.

This time we got to see the whole farm unlike the first time when we only got halfway. Boyet brought his new D80 camera (he calls it "baby") and took several pictures. Ikee and I brought our digicams too so we took our own version of the sceneries. The tour that should have taken just 15 minutes took us 30 minutes to finish. Photos we took were mostly of flowers and the plants. But we also got to take some pictures of Baby bear, the bearcat from palawan.

On our way back, we tried to locate the Silang Nature Park which we were told is in the area of Ming's Garden but didn't find it. Hopefully, the next time we go to Silang, I'd be able to write about it.

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