Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hong Kong Science Museum - A Must See!

You want to know where to go in Hong Kong - that high tech city, with high tech facilities and high tech things around. Naturally, you gotta go to a high tech museum. hehehe

But kidding aside, one should not miss the Hong Kong Science Museum as it is something for old and young people. It is full of exhibits most of which are interactive and unlike the ones normally seen in a science museum. It covers paleontology, anatomy, physics, chemistry, electromagnetism, computers, telecommunications, solar energy, etc. What I liked the most there was the TV studio where they created a real life studio (a small one of course) and the visitor is able to make a TV show where he operates the buttons behind the scene and another visitor acts as the newsman. There's a TV where the show is broadcasted and the effects we see such as rainfall or snow are shown.

The science museum is right in front of the museum of history. The entrance fee is 25 HKD per person but it is free on wednesdays.


momperoo said...
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jane said...

sorry, but I don't know where granville road is. Nathan Road is a rather long road and as I recall part of it is in TST and part is in mongkok. Hong Kong Science Museum is near the Jordan Station and about a 5 minute walk from the harbor.

Anonymous said...

hey, ang galing mo palang gumawa ng blog. hats off for Jane. daming infos dito. btw, sino kasama mo sa picture, sister or anak mo;)


jane said...

Thanks julz. That's my darling daughter beside me. Baby ko yan. Ang laki na no?

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