Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ocean Park - Still the Best in Hong Kong

Even with the presence of the Disneyland in Hongkong, still noone can say that Ocean Park's has lost its charm. In fact, it has surfaced all the more. When we were there, several areas of the park were undergoing improvement. I didn't think it was huge, that all the while I thought it was just as big as our own Enchanted Kingdom here in the Philippines. But no, the park has two big areas which are connected by cable car. Also, unlike Disneyland, this park has rides too which reminds me of the Sea World in San Diego.

One place that caught my attention is the frog museum inside the park. and yes, its really all about frogs which came in different shapes and sizes. Another creature that caught my fancy was the, of course, panda. Two were unmindfully sleeping on their cots while one was feeding on some bamboo.

If you plan to go there, I suggest you check out their website ahead of time so you know the schedule of the shows they have. The only one we watched was the dolphin show and it was even almost the end of the show. Well, it will be worth another visit.

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