Friday, April 04, 2008

See the World But Protect the Earth

As I was doing our itinerary in Macau , I read in the macautourim website that in one of the stores they still sell traditional Chinese delicacies, one of which is the shark's fin. I admit I was taken aback by it. There's been so much buzz about how sharks are endangered already and yet there, they seem to not mind.

Another instance is when people go on hunting trips or even fishing trips to bodies of water where the reefs are shallow and the corals get hit by motorboats or destroyed by man when they stand on them. I remember how one cartoon (I think it was on Sesame STreet) said when we destroy corals, we destroy the habitat of little fish. Without the little fish, there can be no big fish. And it affects man and all goes back to that coral. It is exactly how the ecological balance works. We should probably go see places that increase ecological or nature awareness. If we can't save the earth, at least let's not contribute to its destruction when we travel.

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