Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Travel But Don't Stop Working

Since I started to work, I had also began looking into the prospects of entrepreneurship if only because it is a way for me to be able to travel as much as I want to. I am fascinated by how much money people make that they are often able to go places almost worry free. In time I realized there are only two ways which will earn me money and allow me to journey across the globe: The first is by leveraging and the other is by e-commerce although I prefer the latter because leveraging would mean depending on other people's performance.

The ability of being able to transact business away from your home-base or even while you sleep is possible through the use of an ecommerce software like the one provided by Ashop. Their software will me to set up my business, make it ready for the internet, and help me market my product. I already have a product in mind. One that is here in Hong Kong. Now all I have to do is get in touch with the owners of the product for me to market in the Philippines.

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