Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What A Life!

Today I've come across a mother's blog about her family,kids,life.

The author tells us about what's going on in her family. It's some sort of a diary which a blog is supposed to be in the first place. She has a knack for writing but in one of her posts she says that she just doesn't have any idea what to write on and asks her readers what inspires them. That's being interactive in the posts which is very good. In fact, google is encouraging every blog to let their readers participate. Hmmm... seems like a good bosst for a level up on those PRs.

I love the way the website is designed. It's not heavy on advertising, is very simple but has a lot of meat in it. Well, someday, when I get the urge to focus on learning CSS, I'll probably do the same for this blog. And showcase all my photos. My, there are thousands of those. I wonder if blogger won't breakdown if I do that. What do you say BertN?

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