Sunday, June 01, 2008

Milo Novice Swim Meet 2008 At ULTRA

The Milo Novice Swim Meet 2008 was held at the ULTRA yesterday. We had arrived there before 6:30 am because we were told the warm up will be at 6:30 ot 7 am. It did go as planned. We had fun because the Flying Dolphins swimmers were happy. But there were things that disappointed me. To wit:

1. They officially started the games at maybe 10 am or so. That was so late considering the time the swimmers were asked to be there. Imagine, some of the swimmers came all the way from Malabon and Montalban who had to leave so early just to be there on time.

2. The winners were not awarded their medals. For the swimmers who have done a pretty good job of going through training and doing their best during the meet, the awarding and the medals are priceless.

We're hoping that the next meet will be better than this one. Still we'd like to thank the organizers for hosting the event.

I stil have yet to receive the names of the winners. Stay tuned.


bertN said...

OK lang. It looked like the participants, sans the medals and recognitions for the outstanding performers, had a great time.

The important thing is to get these kids to be good swimmers and to enjoy the regimen in the process.

jane said...

yes, they did enjoy actually, which was our consolation too.

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