Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Comfort Mall - SM Mall of Asia

Malls are places most people like going to for just about anything. We do too. But when we get tired, we leave. Logical right? Not when you're at the Mall of Asia.
At the MOA, it seems the architecture and design included the customer comfort and convenience. It is even evident in their operation at present.

Picture these:
a. the mall has these golf-cart-like vehicles that transport the elderly and handicapped clients all over the mall. Yes, inside the mall. I have not seen anything like it in the malls I've been in.

b. All over the mall there are several benches where one could sit and rest from all that walking. After all, there are about 4 large buildings at the MOA.

c. there are bridges that lead to the seafront walk and restos.

d. there are several toilets which means there is hardly any line.

e. there is a tram that is available for everyone. the tram goes around the mall in intervals of 15 minutes.

f. Finally, there is also a tram at the seafront for those who wish to go from end to end.

Now, perhaps you would agree with me? these amenities on top of others that other malls have too make one's experience both comfy and pleasurable.

How to get there:

Apart from just riding the cab and asking it to go straight to the MOA, there are other options available.

1. ride the bus from EDSA marked MOA. I believe some of these buses are those that go to Cavite.

2. Ride the Shuttle from the MRT station.

3. Ride the MRT to Taft and ride the cab from there.

When all else fails, call the AVIS, BUDGET, EMP or ABC taxis. You can find their phone numbers in my other blog.

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