Monday, May 02, 2011

Singapore on A Budget -Irvin's Cze Char Seafood Restaurant

Here's another place that we liked in Singapore. Irvin's Seafood Restaurant is a stone's throw away from our hosts' home so naturally we tried to eat there. They have a live crab aquarium (or is it a terrarium) from where they harvest the crustacean they will serve you. Naturally, we ordered salted egg crab again as this has become my favorite dish in Singapore. Who wouldn't? It's served freshly harvested and cooked just after you order. Ooohlala!

The Fried Calamari aka squid rings is cooked the usual way but with some chilli in it.

Here are the others. Sorry I don't know what you call them but I assure you from the bottom of my belly that they are all yummy. hahaha!

This dishy has a nutty flavor.

Mantou bread (pronounced "mun taw")

By the way, because this is a blog on Singapore on a budget, did I say it's cheap there too?

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Steph said...

Hi Jane,

I know this came a little too late but I was browsing through the net & saw this. & must I say, Im really glad you enjoyed your stay here at Irvin's last year!

It's a pity we have to shift.
& if you are back to Singapore, do pay us a visit at Upper Thomson Road, No.4 Jalan Leban PostalCode (577548)

Take care & see you in Singapore, SOON! :)

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