Saturday, May 07, 2011

Singapore Zoo

A delightful treat to kids (and adults too) while in Singapore is a trip to the world class zoo. The park is just about 15 minutes from the city proper. It is accessible by taxi and I believe I saw some buses that brought tourists too.

The zoo is not as big as the other zoos in the world but it is well kept and the animals seem to be well taken cared of. The plants have are healthy and are green even in the summer. They have a tram which takes the visitor all about the zoo.

They have a package which includes unlimited tram ride and another package includes a tram and boat ride too. The visitor gets to see the whole place without walking too far. However, it is advisable to leisurely stroll through the zoo and muse at the animals they have there. One of the most interesting animals when were there is the kangaroo that the children got to pet. Our neice, Sofia, was hesitant to go near it at first. But, when she finally got convinced (by me of course) to join the other kids, she enjoyed the animal and even took my hand to touch its fur.

Also, the zoo had some of those so-called doctor fish which would eat the debris from a visitor's foot. We didn't try that though because we feared we'd not have enough time to see the whole park. The reptile section was one to muse at too. Sofia was delighted to see them though one particular poisonous snake was probably hungry and its head was sticking out of the branch that it clang on to. Ewwwww!

Just like the other world class zoos, they have some animal shows there. One which we watched was that of the stray dogs and cats which the staff had picked up from different areas of Singapore. Some cats did an opening number while one dog played frizbee with some children. Sadly, it was a short show and I felt it would have been nice to have more tricks played.

Like I said the zoo is not huge but it is just the right size for a visitor to walk about and see the whole park in a day.

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The Pepperrific Life said...

I want to be able to take my daughter there someday :)

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