Friday, January 04, 2008

Rating - Just How Good Are They?

Always when I search for baguio accommodations, I never fail to see the listing of I used to wonder whether these guys who operate the site were real or a hoax. But some friend of my husband recommended it to us after my hubby transferred from his former company (where accommodations in Baguio were had for a minimal price) to his present one which does not provide the baguio treat. So, far we've occupied 2 of their properties and we liked both thus far.
The houses are well kept, there are caretakers who can attend to your requests, there's enough space for the specified number of persons, we can cook and barbecue and , in unit A which we rented this year, we had a fireplace. the only thing though about both properties is that they are not in the middle of the action (which we actually prefer) so we need a car or take a cab going to and fro. But don't take me wrong, they're not too far from the center of the city either. Just not right at it.
Both properties are along Marcos highway just about 5 to 10 minutes away from SM on session Road. Unit A cost us about 2,200 per night for 5 persons for a house with 3 rooms. Unit A cost us 3000 per night for 5 persons. As far as I'm concerned, gets a grade of 8/10. One thing I didn't like with the unit I (or was it F, sorry I've forgotten) though is that it was a little noisy at night. It is a compound and there were about 2 other "houses" right below ours. Some foreigners were occupying the place and they would play in the middle of the night. The caretaker tried to tell them twice but they'd be back to it just the following night. But that's about all. Those guys, just like us, were transients too. That means, there will be other people there every week and not the same ones we were with. So, the next time you're planning a trip to Baguio, you may want to consider instead of a hotel. You contact them through their website at Do tell them Jane Cajuguiran highly recommends them.


bertN said...

You are a fantastic info gatherer of places you want to visit. I like that! I wish I can be like you but I just don't have the "IT" for it. I just go and play it by ear when I travel solo and when I join organized tours or cruises, I just let them spoon feed me with their "propaganda" LOL. Works well when it does (most of the time) and when it doesn't, I only have myself to blame but I am very forgiving. I charge mistakes to experience and go on and have fun.

maricris said...

hi i would like to ask what unit did you rent in baguio. the owner of a fine (gigi) recomended to us Unit I. I've inquired for unit A but it is already booked..i dont have an idea what the place looks like coz her site only shows 3 units (A B C). thanks

jane said...

Hi. Unit I is big too. We rented it 2 or 3 years ago. However, I don't really like the fact that it is in a compound and when the other folks are boisterous (like the foreign nationals who were), you hear the noise echo thru the walls. Other than that, it's really ok.

jane said...

oh, I actually have pictures. please search for janecajuguiran in

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