Saturday, January 05, 2008

Bon Apetit! - Buon Giorno at the Cliffhouse

Boyet and I went to Tagaytay by ourselves last Dec. It was his birthday and he took a leave so he'd be able to pay for the tax for our Cavite property. Fortunately, I was free because I had just taken the nursing board over the weekend.
We left the house at about 10:30 am and had reached Dasmarinas at 11:45. It would have been past 12 noon if we had gone to the city hall and we'd have to wait. Instead of going to the city hall, we opted to go straight to Tagaytay to have lunch and some coffee.

We headed straight for lunch at Buon Giorno at the Cliffhouse. Boyet ordered some seafood primavera pasta while I had a sandwich. It was really cold outside because it had been drizzling since the night before so I ordered some pumpkin soup to keep me warm. The meal was superb and there was superb. Of course we knew that because we had already gone there thrice. On all occasions they've not failed to serve a meal that was not nearly perfect (nearly because only my mom's is. I'm a loyalist!). Other than just its flavor, food was served at the right temperature. This thime I particularly liked my Roast Beef Sandwich. It had lots of the veggies which I prefer. And the soup was creamy but not too creamy and had a lot of flavor. Next time I'd like to try their dessert. I always end up so full that I don't have room for it. But they do look tempting and I was told they're so mmmmm... delicioso!

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