Friday, January 11, 2008

Trip to Macau - Creating an Itinerary

Whew! I never thought preparing for a trip could be so exhausting. Or maybe I've just forgotten how it is to get ready for a family holiday. It has so far cost me sleepless nights and huge eyebags in the morning, not to mention that my sleep pattern has been altered to that of GMT -8:00, being awake in the wee hours of dawn and asleep until noon.
Cebu Pacific recently had an PHP888 promo for all its international flights. After all taxes and charges had been added, it amounted to about 4,600 pesos or so. It was the perfect opportunity for us to travel abroad after not having done so for the last 2 years. Instead of taking a trip locally, why not go abroad? After all, part of the reason for travelling is to familiarize Ikee with the place which she will study about in the Social Studies subject next school year. Second year in PCSHS has Asian History. Social Studies has always been boring to her. But travelling makes it interesting. So, why not hit two birds with one stone?
This time it would be Macau-Hong Kong-Zhuhai. It should've been Beijing after all Chinese history revolves around it. But it must be so boring for my husband that when presented with a choice of Shanghai-Beijing and Macau-Hong Kong, he chose the latter. So, I said what the heck? Macau and Hong Kong are Special Administrative Regions and Zhuhai is part of mainland China. We're getting 3 histories for the price of one.
I know very little of Macau and Hong Kong but I absolutely did not know Zhuhai was even part of the globe! But, the adventurous person that I am, I started to buy our tickets from the Cebu Pac website which endlessly bumped me off until i finally got our booking for 7 nights! I couldn't do anything. It was my first time to book online with them and from what I heard before, I had to get the first schedule available for me.
I am so used to coordinating travel plans for my family even when I myself am not familiar with the place. Usually, I would have read heavily about the place before I even book. But with this trip, it's the other way around. I got to learn about the places only after we had purchased our tickets. So, I then I found out that travelling to HK and Macau aren't so cheap after all. Zhuhai however is a different story.
The more I learn about Zhuhai, the more it becomes inviting to me. It has cheap hotels and has both beaches and hot springs which I like going to. Not only that, it's a shopper's paradise. Of course I've not gone there yet and might be proven wrong. But so far, from the traveller's reviews and reviews from both Yahoo travel and Trip Advisor, I've been able to locate Hotels and interesting spots which I have not heard of in the past. All hail the net!
The challenge is to be able to come up with an itinerary which would be both interesting and affordable. So far, I've come up with the idea of spending 2 days in zhuhai, 3 days in hong Kong, ang 2 days in Macau.

Let's see if I can meet the challenge. 25k?

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