Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fine Dining in Tagaytay- Gourmet Cafe

Gourmet Cafe is one of the most popular restaurants in Tagaytay. Funny that though we are an adventurous family, this is the first time we have ever been to their restaurant in the city. My visiting uncle arrived and we took him there to lunch today. It turned to be a very pleasant experience.

There are two places you can eat in - the Cafe and the Fining Dining area. The Fine Dining area is a wonderful, cozy place. A pianist playing some soft music greets us as we entered. There are a few tables spread out in very comfortable distances such that we didn't hear the conversation of guests in the table next to ours. We got there at about 1:30 pm. Fortunately, there were guests who just billed out and we were given a table by the side door with a view of the pineapple plantation which I liked.

From the menu, we ordered Fish and Fries, Seafood Scampi Pasta and Creamy Carbonara. After the orders were placed, my husband along with my daughter and our guest went over to the Salad bar and got food from there too. It was nice to have that bar around because we were so hungry already that waiting for our order would have made our wait unpleasant. Food was great and the ambiance was superb - it was cloudy so the air was relative cooler than the usual for Tagaytay.

After lunch, we toured the place. Gourmet allows it's dining guests to see their 7 hectare farm full of herbs and vegetables which they use in their dishes. The tour guide, Jeremy, told us about the herbs and their uses. He even had us smell some of the herbs which reminded us of our trip to Eden in Davao. Sadly, though, we were in a hurry because my daughter had to chat with her classmates for a project in school. So, we were off to the Cafe which has a wi-fi connection. The laptop had been brought so she could chat while we were in Tagaytay.

At the cafe, we had coffee and some cookies which were herb-flavored. Those were unusual but tasteful flavors that my uncle bought some to bring back to the US. Overall, the dining experience at Gourmet Cafe is well worth the price in their menu - affordable and satisying.

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