Friday, February 29, 2008

PRC Registration - A Mess

So what's new? My friend and former classmate Ivy and I trotted to the PRC on Feb. 26. Unfortunately, we got there at 1:30 pm and there were so many people that the line only moved less than 100 meters in 2 hours! We decided to leave and go back the following day instead.

We were there yesterday. It was so frustrating because the people in PRC were telling us what we should do or have done first when there were no instructions to be found anywhere in the first place. During my registration for my teaching license, there was a flow chart that we could follow. Now, when there's a multitude of new nurses trying to get a hold of their license as quickly as possible, you'd expect a mob right there. Well, there was a line alright but you don't what it was for. So, you just line up and find out at the end what it is or ask everybody else what it is for. That's just how it is at the Professional Regulation Commission. Some professional!

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