Friday, February 29, 2008

Philippine Airlines - The Better Airline in the Philippines

I used two airlines just 24 hours after I had written about the difference of PAL and Cebu Pacific. I had gone to Roxas City to pay my respects to my uncle who passed away. Going there, I flew via Cebu Pacific. Coming home to Manila, I used PAL. It sure is a blessing that I did that.

The main differences:

1. The airport - NAIA 2, PAL's airport is a hundred fold better. It's less crowded, the crowd seems to be more civil and the place doesn't smell like musk. the Domestic Airport is where Cebu Pacific flies from. Sometimes you just need to see a contrast to appreciate the one that you have.

2. The Flight - Take off and landing are better at PAL. There's no shaking you up and down and sideways. It's just the smooth flight all the way from start to finish.

3. Noise control - there were kids in both flights but I noticed that the noise was not too loud in the PAL flight.

So, like I said in my earlier blog, I still am a PAL customer. Happy to be one. But I won't hesitate to use Cebu Pacific if I really need to. It's an airline for Juan not Juana. haha!

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