Saturday, February 02, 2008

Hostels and Budget Hotels in Hong Kong

After asking friends and researching over the internet, I've found that most of the hostels and budget hotels in Hong Kong have very small sizes. Also, that these places mostly do not have towels for their clients to use. Well, for hostels that could be forgiven. But for hotels? How do they manage to get a 1 or 2 star rating?

Another thing is that most accommodations in Hong Kong cannot give a price for a reservation that's made more than 60 days of the check in date. That's because they would like to charge higher rates during the peak season.

To address these concerns, it is necessary to:
1. Check out the room first. Some places have crawling creatures or smell like smoke even when it's supposed to be a non-smoking room.
2. book a large room - if there are 3 of you travelling, then you should probably get a room that's good for 4. That's to assure you that you'd have space for your luggage.
3. Bring a towel or buy one in HK.
4. Reserve with an online travel agency that can get the desired date for you. I've heard that,,,,,,,,, and travelocity are some of the more reliable sites.
5. Just for added security, it would be best to pay through paypal if the travel agency or hotel will accept it.

Keep safe and happy travelling!

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