Friday, February 01, 2008

Earn While I blog? Why not?

I love to blog. It gives me the necessary brain activity I need. But earning while blogging makes it more interesting. Wouldn't you agree?

I'm talking about setting up an online travel agency. Well, not actually a travel agency as the travel technology claims to connect the travel suppliers with the consumers directly giving the consumer more flexibility and wider options. Just an online booking engine. I've seen one of those blogs while searching for travel options for HK. Nice. I didn't think that it is possible for me too. Although I should do some research as to its reliability first. I'll update you on this in case

I've been thinking too of a business for my mom in the US. The Caregiving Agency they own is not doing so well and they need something to augment their income. They love to travel, like me, and are valuable sources of information regarding US domestic travel. Some of their friends run to them to get opinions, get directions and the like. Travel Distribution will provide them the opportunity to help and earn at the same time.

As I understand it, There's just a link that has to be placed on the website and voila! it's there. Just like Google Adsense where you blog what you like and get some dinero too. Let's see if it will work for me.

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