Tuesday, February 19, 2008

If You Love Science - Kids at Singapore Science Center

Ikee had wanted to visit Singapore again this year. If not because I told her that we should be able to go to a new place every year or at least when we travel abroad, she would have opted to be in Singapore for only one reason - to visit the Singapore Science Center again.

Yes, you read it right. Again. We went there in October of 2006. I, being the family's tour director, had prepared our itinerary before getting there. Little did I know that she already contemplated on going to the SSC because she had surfed the web and found it. Hah, that's what the internet does to kids these days. They know a lot!

The moment we got to the hotel and unpacked, I told them where we should be going the following day. But she suggested going to the SSC because she had also seen a brochure at the hotel. We didn't really have much of a choice did we? After all, the real reason we travel is so that Ikee would get her exposure.

Off we went the following day. Ikee had the time of her life! The museum had lots of exhibits that showed the science in almost everything you could imagine. There was a show that day and it looked more like a magical show featuring electricity. There was a physics garden that had illusions and other things showing off the wonders of physics. There were funny things too. Like there was one where Ikee went looking for her dad's body because we only saw his head on top of a table. We got to watch an omnimax show just like the one we watched at the Universal Studios. Now for a kid who's into science, it was heaven. Not that I am one but I did enjoy it there too. For science teachers, the SSC would be like a treasure trove.

I believe all kids visiting Singapore should see the Singapore Science Center. They'd love it. They'd learn from it. While parents would love to bring them there because well, it's cheap. They spend hours and hours there and while they see their kids have the time of their lives without even wanting to eat without prodding or blackmailing. Actually, if there's just one adult left with the kids, the others can already go on with the shopping or go to another place they'd be more interested in. But you know what, even the adults will like seeing the place too. I'm pretty sure the whole family will want to return after a trip.

Getting there is relatively easy. take the MRT and alight at Jurong East Station on the East West Line. Then walk - Singapore Science Centre is just an 8-minute walk from the Jurong East Bus Interchange/MRT Station. You can take a cab but why not enjoy the sights? Anyway, the SSC opens at 10 am.

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