Monday, February 18, 2008

Oakwood Bangkok - A Premier Residence

When my husband got an assignment in Bangkok, he stayed at the Oakwood the whole time. So did a majority of the members of his team. During the semestral break, we were fortunate enough to able to visit him there.

I loved his room. It was a 1 bedroom suite with a kitchen. It had a bathroom of about 15 square meters big, a bath tub, and was provided with the usual toiletries. It even had a hair dryer which I really liked. The room opened up to the living room. That's because the sala was positioned so that it had a view of the street and the raffles hotel. He was provided with a large tv, a dvd player, phone, kitchen utensils including dinnerware, silver and cookware. There was a ref of about 12 cubic feet, a microwave, toaster, oven range with rangehood, a dining table for 4. It had a centralized aircon each with its own switch and control. The bed is a queen size and he had a tv and a large closet. It even had a view too. There was a vacant lot where we found some elephants basking under the sun while giving themselves a soil bath. Nice. Being from the Phlippines, elephants are not a usual sight unless you're at the Manila zoo every single day. hehehe

Oakwood is a serviced apartment so a maid regularly came to clean his unit. The laundry was done there too except for those that needed to be dry cleaned. There's really nothing to worry about when staying there.

What I liked most is the short distance to the malls. It's close but not too close so it's not crowded in the area. It has its own shuttle service which is free for its customers to use. The Thais are hospitable people and Oakwood shows it in its service. Not to mention the fact that Bangkok is known for its splendid cuisine. The buffet at Oakwood has a good selection. I just love Bangkok... and Oakwood which is just a little less than home.

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