Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mutya ng Pasig Market - an Alternative to Divisoria

Many people know about Divisoria. It is noted for having a wide variety of choices which are sold at rock bottom prices. But for those who live in Pasig, we have an alternative to Divisoria - The Pasig Market.

Why would we go to Divisoria when it's so far away? I mean it's about 1.5 hours by public transpo to get there. And that's even by train! Mutya ng Pasig is just a stone's throw away from the Pasig City hall. Cheap goods can be had here too, in Pasig, every Saturday. Saturday is a market day and it is the time when manufacturers bring their wares to sell at the 3rd floor of the market. You can get the goods at really really low rates. You can haggle with them for the price that you like. And you can get home in less than 20 minutes.

What I do not like in the Pasig Market though is that it is not airconditioned like 168 or Tutuban. It gets too crowded there in the early part of the day that more often than not there's very little space left between you and the next person. What's more is that Divisoria has more goods to offer.

But it's still worth going to the Mutya ng Pasig. Just don't go early. around 12 noon would be the best time. The downside is that most goods have already been sold. Not to worry, there are still some to choose from.

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