Saturday, February 16, 2008

Where Should I Settle?

Travelling has many purposes. The main reason for me is for leisure. For others, it may be to transact business. For others, to scout for a new environment. If travelling for you means looking for a place to settle in, the internet offers many alternatives. Still, like I always say, scouting around the internet would be a good way to start.

These days, Nurses from the Philippines are highly in demand in the US and other parts of the world. I am one of those nurses who would like to relocate to the US to find greener pastures. When considering the US, I would like to start by looking at the environment where I would have to eventually bring my family to live. First, I considered New York because there are plenty of hospitals there and I heard that the pay is good. Besides, there might be good employment options for my hubby having a wide experience in the corporate world. My husband, however, prefers Florida. In Florida though, I'd like to stay in Miami simply because of its proximity to the beach. I've always dreamt of living by the beach while going to work nearby.

I always say it is worth a trip to check out the places where one intends to live. I've found some properties over the internet for Florida, Miami, and New York along with the other states but these 3 I would like to focus on. They take priority in my choices. It might be better to rent for a while to get a feel of the place because unlike the Philippines, it is easier to find a property to buy in the US. Some say when you like it, buy it. But for me, there are 2 reasons that will make me buy some thing. First, is if I really really need it and that my life won't go on normally if I don't get it. Next is if I really really want it and have my reasons for wanting it. But if I want it and cannot justify why I want it, then it's not worth buying.

It's timely because my husband's US visa will expire next year and we need to use it before it does. So, dare I say "US here we come!"

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