Saturday, February 16, 2008

New Zealand - Land of Milk and Honey

Literally, New Zealand is the land of milk and honey as it is a vast agricultural land . We have been invited to visit New Zealand. Why? After my husband's friend heard that I have gotten my nursing degree, he sent us a link about how NZ needs nurses and how they prefer Filipino graduates. That's good. After all, I had been prodding my husband about migrating to NZ for a very, very long time.

As an Executive Secretary, I saw several pictures of Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown from business contacts. They had brought me goods from the place. I heard so many stories about how they live by the beach while driving to work everyday. I love that kind of life.

Auckland is a city near the beach. But despite its urbanity, it does not fail to showcase its heritage and culture. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand and apart from being an arts and culture center, it is beautifully set in a place very close to nature - forests, mountains, wildlife sanctuaries, the sea. It's a nature lover's paradise. Imagine the tranquility of the forest or the sea breeze on a cloudy day...

I think it's worth a family vacation to check on whether the place suits our taste. Or, if not to immigrate, at least to enjoy its culture and its landscape that sets it apart.

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