Monday, March 17, 2008

Best of the Islands Exhibit - A Frustration

I was at the Best of the Islands Exhibit at Megatrade Hall yesterday. Exhibits are interesting to me. In fact, whenever I'm free or when I can squeeze it in my schedule, I make it a point to drop by these exhibits. This particular exhibit appealed to me because it should have showcased the best of the Philippines. But it did not...

I expected to find those items such as the cheeses in Mindanao or the Mangoes from Guimaras or the native durian variety from Tagum or somewhere else. There were none. Most of those that were there already have stores in Manila. Not that they weren't good, but in an exhibit such as this, you'd like to find those that can hardly be reached but are equally popular for being so good. Maybe next time both the organizers (CITEM) and DTI should confer so that they can actually feature things that the Philippines is and should be proud of. I suppose that's why DTI is part of it.

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