Saturday, March 08, 2008

Is it Wise to Buy Club Shares?

It was in 1993 when we bought our club share for the Residence Inn chain. But since we bought it, we only used for a couple more. That time it cost 35k and that was not a small amount. To some yes, maybe but not to us. There was this dream that we could actually be in Tagaytay or Batangas at least once per month. But, with our jos and my daughter's classes, we simply couldn't make it. Same goes for my husband's aunt. She had bought her Fontana club share. But she and her family weren't able to use up all of the coupons/tickets that were given to them.

So what am I saying? Simply that if you have to buy club shares, you must know whether you can actually use it or earn money from it. Otherwise, the money spent to buy it goes down the drain unless what you bought can be sold and transferred to another person. That could be an investment if you do that. There are some club shares that appreciate every now and then.

Another way to earn from it is to have other people use your privilege. I think for Fontana, the member just has to call and reserve a place. Then the guest who will use the room will just bring a photocopy of the card. The room is prepaid to the member there's no risk of unpaid bills. My husband's aunt sold her shares to her daughters and they are now renting the card out. If you do that, then I would strongly urge you to buy more club shares. One recommendable is that of the Tagaytay Highlands. You won't regret buying.

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