Saturday, March 08, 2008

Saving Funds for Travel - Write a Blog with

It's really fun to travel. Going to places you've not been before, seeing things that you often just watch on tv or read on a magazine or hear a friend talk about. Travelling gives you a new perspective in life - see more chances to improve and better the state you are in.

But, more often than not, after the trip, there are huge bills to think of. that's the part I really hate. That's when we try to tighten our belts to save enough money for the next card billing. Or try to replace some of the money that has bee taken from the bank. But now that I've signed up with, I know that I'll have more money to spend when we go abroad. It is the summer break for our daughter and this is the only time she gets to go places without thinking of anything that she has to do. We're off to China this April but most likely there will be other trips that we will join. I was just thinking that we should probably skip Hongkong this time because it is too expensive for us. Money I'll make from Payperpost might not be enough yet to cover the whole cost of going to HK but at least we will just have to add a little more to it.

Payperpost will also give me the opportunity to give some people the chance to travel. Every summer I make it a point to give my husband's cousins the chance to go with us to a beach or a camping trip. Those two girls are in their high school years and are almost the same age as my kid. They don't get to go out much during the whole year. It is a fact that travelling educates people thus they are able to write about their travels in school. Not only that, my daughter enjoys their company. We do too. Money from payperpost will help us continue that practice.

So what do we do at payperpost? Simple. We just write blog reviews and submit it to payperpost. Voila! The bucks come ringing like music to your ears... Of course that's an exaggeration. After submission, we just wait for a little while and then when the blog is approved, we get paid. How simple can that be?

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