Sunday, March 16, 2008

Where May We Go for Lent? - Montemar Beach Club

Lent in the Philippines is a time when people try to be as "sinfree" as possible. In here, the misnomer is that there are many things that should not be done because according to some it is the time when God is dead and that anything you do might cause you harm. Like, when I was young, my grandma would ask me not to play and be noisy because God is dying. During Lent people commemorate the death of Jesus but He does not die every year. It was just probably the old folks' way of saying " Hey you, keep quiet!".

In our family, we look forward to Lent and easter. For the last 11 years we have been celebrating easter at some place - at a beach, at the mall, at the theme park, etc. This year, the family tour director - that would be me - is really out of ideas. Then I thought that maybe it would be good to go to Montemar Beach Club in Bagac, Bataan. We had long wanted to go there because when we visited it last year, we loved the beach and its pool. Although the place is old its facilities are at par with other newer resorts. But the beach... the sand is fine, the water is warm and calm, the beach gradually becomes deep, and there's a wide space for everyone. You don't get that with just 2 hours travel from Manila. There are good beaches but you have to travel 4 or maybe 5 hours.

They have a promo for this summer. It costs Php6448.oo for 2 persons for 2 nights with breakfast and Php9438.00 for 4 persons for 2 nights with breakfast. Check it out at


JonatsGonats said...

What are your tips and suggestions that can be done at Montemar Beach Club? (like places to go to, tours, food, bars, things to do, etc)

jane said...

hmmm... if you're referring to going outside of Montemar, I only know of Mt Samat and probably fishing at sea. There is no bar at Montemar but there are plenty in Subic which is about 45 minutes travel. I can only tell you about the activities in Montemar. I have another older post. you might want to check it out.

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