Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Wondering off at Greenbelt

Funny how I found myself a stranger to Makati. After having worked there for so long I didn't think that one day I'd get lost. But I did just days ago.

I went to Makati on an errand for my dad. After finishing the task I was assigned to do, I took a leisurely walk in the greenbelt-glorietta area. It had been months since my last visit and we didn't even spend so much time around there. Also, the greenbelt 5 area had barely opened with just about 5 shops there at that time. Being alone gave me the time to explore once again which I like.

The whole greenbelt is all connected now. Before, you had to cross the stree from jade garden to get to the chapel. the area where greenbelt 5 is now was then where some restaurants had been which included, Schwarzwalder, Cafe Adriatico, New Orleans and Dean St. Cafe. G5 is attached to the Ayala Museum and has a really nice garden beside it. Let's wait for the old greenbelt 2 to finish. I'm pretty sure it'll be outstanding just like the other Ayala properties.

At about 2 pm I got really hungry. It was time for me to choose a place to satisfy my craving. I wanted to go for some Filipino food so I went to Greenbelt 4. First I saw the Red Crab. But we just had crabs the whole week so that was out of the list. next I thought of going to Sentro. But I said I want to have something more special than that. After all, I was giving myself a treat for having passed my board exam. Finally, I found what I had been lookin for - a place where I'd have true filipino flavors. Kapeng barako, and chorizo with some sans rival. And where is this? It's the Figaro coffee shop. I know... don't laugh. The chorizo was actually a pasta. but it was good chorizo pasta just the same. and the little oscar... oooohhhlala! If you hadn't tried it yet, I suggest you don't lest you get addicted to it. Soooooo gooood!

So there I was, in a cozy corner, having my pasta, sipping my coffee and slicing my little oscar while doing a few sudoku puzzles. Quite a day I should say.

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