Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Holiday on a Budget

So, you want to go on a holiday but you think you haven't saved enough? Here're some tips to help you have that trip at a low cost:

1. Plan out a realistic budget.
Perhaps you've saved some money just for a holiday or if you're getting it from a bonus, identify how much it is. Whatever amount you can spare or can afford to use for your trip is your budget.

2. Identify the place you would like to visit and how long you'd like to stay there. This should be done way ahead of time.

3. Depending on the place you would like to visit, make the details of your budget. Your major costs are transportation, hotel/lodging, food. Will you have to ride the plane, boat or bus? If you're taking your own vehicle,find out how far the place is from where you are and make an estimate of your gasoline expense based on how many kilometers (or miles) per liter your car is able to run. Your formula should be km/liter / distance in kilometers x price per liter.

set a budget for lodging. A hostel or budget hotel would be your best bet. Or, you might know someone who you can stay with. Just be sure to contribute to the expenses in the home where you are staying. That way your hosts will not be burdened by your presence.

Make a budget for food. Count in all meals including snacks that you need to take.

4. Visit forums such as or and ask questions about the place you want to go to. I have been a member of virtualtourist for more than 2 years now and I must say that it has been very useful in planning for our vacations. Use the power of the internet and you'll find that you can actually get useful tips from bloggers and members of organizations such as those I have mentioned earlier.

5. Check out vacation packages, fares, hotels, and other things from websits such as, or These so far are the best places to get more information on expenses you might incur for the trip. Hostels are the best places for budget travellers. I've tried and they've done a wonderful job in recommending hostels.

6. Walk your way around. Try walking instead of using a cab. Get hold of a map to identify and cluster the places that interest you. When you do need to ride, try the train or bus.

7. Get into culture. This could be the cheapest way to learn about a place and not spend so much. Experiment on local things such as restaurants that serve local cuisine or visit villages, etc.

8. Stick to your budget. The most common pitfall of a budget traveller is being an impulsive buyer. Set aside money for all costs and try to work around that budget.

9. Go with a group. When you are with other people, you are able to split the bill with them. Some people on virtualtourist get other people to join them in their trips.

Well, this is it for now. I'll edit this page as soon as I can. Goodnight all!

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