Friday, May 02, 2008

A Bag of Beans

We were in Tagaytay yesterday. It was a holiday and we needed to buy some stuff from Ilog Maria. We also wanted to take some pictures to practice Boyet's photography and for ikee's Triond account. Well, that's really next to the fact that we love going to Tagaytay whenever we can.

One of the things we like doing there is having coffee at the Bag of Beans Restaurant along the main road. It had been some time since we last went there so we thought this time we should. What is visible from the road looks like a rustic cottage. But below that structure is a beautiful garden with 2 large dining areas a few tables with umbrellas and about 2 or 3 covered tables. Covered because it actually is housed in huts with open sides.

When we got to the take out area by the road, it smelled like bread. True enough, I saw some loafs beside the counter and the sales girls said they were raisin bread freshly baked that they were still hot. The bread lovers that we are, we naturally ordered it with the instruction to cut it in half. One half would be sliced and served and the other half to be taken home.

I had ordered hot native chocolate but wanted to order a meat pie which the resto is famous for. Boyet got coffee while ikee ordered some iced tea and a pineapple pie. They had wanted to get the apple pie but I reminded them that we already bought one whole apple pie from Good Shepherd. When our orders came, the bread stood out because it was really really fresh, and the raisins overflowing at the sides. It tasted better that it had looked. Not too sweet with just a hint of cinnamon.

Almost halfway through the meal, I still wanted my meat pie. Boyet said I should just order it so I did. The steak and gravy meat pie was as superb as I can remember it. Crust is flaky, and the filling is flavorful. Yummy!

Next time you're in Tagaytay, drop by their place. It's really a treat to go there.

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