Monday, May 05, 2008

Off To The Island! - Hilton Head SC

I and my family love to travel. Why? Because it makes spending time together more special. What are some ways to having a great family vacation? Here are some tips:

1. Consider what each one wants. Some of the worst vacations we've ever had in the past happened when not everyone's interest was catered to. Like, someone in our family likes going to the beach but hates the sun. Gee! That's tough isn't it? Oh, don't laugh now because that person would be me. Yup, I hate the sunlight because it makes my head ache unbearably. My mother-in-law doesn't like to swim but loves to bask, my daughter is a fish - she swims like one at least. My husband likes to play badminton and basketball. When you have a family like mine, it would be best to consider Hilton Head in South Carolina. Their activities are so varied that everyone will have something to do there.

2. Cost. Unless you are one of those people whose money is more than there is in a bank's vault at any given day, chances are that you're like me. I love going to places but don't like spending too much. You'd have to scout around for promotional sales in the airline companies (here the budget airline is Cebu Pacific and others), hotel, or seek destinations that don't cost too much. For instance, when we were in Hong Kong, we opted to go to museums which, aside from the fact that my daughter and I love those, they cost so cheap. If you're in the US, consider the Hilton Head S.C. and check their website. Hilton Head is a property managment service. They have promotional sales every now and then. What's more, even without the sale, their properties for rent can go as low 1,000 USD for a whole month not to mention that because you're renting a home, that would mean you can cook and be able to save more.

The first time we rented a home in Baguio was in 2003. I didn't quite like the idea at first but it turned out very well and very cheap that I had suggested to rent one every year. I believe it's the cheaper alternative to a hotel. On top of that, a rented property would be cozy unlike a hotel room that so impersonal.

3. Family Activities. While it is a must to have individual preferences served, it is equally important to have activities where everyone can enjoy in. For us, when we were in Batangas, we rented a boat and went to a place where there were lots of fish. We went for a snorkel, while my mother in law threw pieces of bread to attract the creatures to go near us. It was really great. At Hilton Head, people can go dolphin watching or play a round of golf. It doesn't really matter what you do just as long as you're together.

4. Take plenty of candid pictures. It's all about memories. But that would be in the future. However, when you take pictures and view them on tv or on a laptop the same day, you can't really avoid having fun. Great views would make for a perfect background. Hilton Head S.C. has beautiful, beautiful spots that should make your pictures more interesting. One thing about pictures is that it should tell a story to the viewer so take it to make your viewers feel they are there.

5. Consider the weather. Whether going to the beach or to the mountainside, the weather forecasts have to be checked. Too cold or too hot weather can ruin your trip. The advantage of Hilton Head is that the weather is neither too hot nor too cold to have a vacation.

Really, considering all these tips, Hilton Head would be a perfect place to go. Their website has these information and more. You can reach them through their email, fax or phone which are found in the site. It is easy to check whether a property is available for you on your desired dates and if not, it will show which dates are free. They even have a map for you to use to go there and when you get there.

When we go to the US in December, I'll probably want to spend a few days there.

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