Tuesday, April 01, 2008

How Valuable is a Shopping Cart When You're on Holiday?

We all know that travelling not only entails a person to be on vacation from work or school, it also means that he gets to spend more than he earns. Well, that's usually the case. But maybe not if one has an e-business with a shopping cart.

Part of my purpose for going to Hongkong and Zhuhai is to find some goods which I can sell online. It's a double purpose trip for me - spend some time with family while looking for other sources of income. It's good that I found the shopping ecommerce software and the ecommerce software. As I have written about my desire to have a business in my other blog at, online businesses are advantageous because for one I'd have less expenses. It's a good way to start. I have my business in mind and have the knowledge of how to run it too.

I find the Ashop Commerce of good value to any ecommerce business. The features of the company I like the most are that it has a shopping cart to help you with selling even when you are not online. And they link you up with That's extra money for shopping while I'm on vacation. I also like the fact that it is able to help its clients with the SEO listings. That way, customers will be able to find my business right away even while I'm on holiday. Isn't that great?


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