Sunday, March 30, 2008

Venues for Weddings, Birthdays and Debuts in Pasig

It was Coach Efren's birthday last March 26 but the parents of the members of the Flying Dolphins team is organizing a bash for him on April 5. At first we thought of holding it at the Lexington Village but we weren't sure if it is possible to have it there. Where in Pasig or somewhere nearby can we hold it?

As it is a swimming team, we thought of some venues, preferrably with a pool where the swimmers can have their training while partying at the same time. Here are some of the suggestions for partying and swimming:

1. The Lexington Village
2. The Brown Villa near the Cityhall - the pool is on a per reservation basis only. The owner is Mrs Brown who happens to own the Immaculada School nearby.
3. The East Mansion pool - like Lexington, it can only be used when there is a resident who can sponsor the event.
4. The Pasig Rainforest
5. The Club Manila East - but this might be a little to pricey for us.
6. The Valle Verde Village - also needs a resident-sponsor.

We have not come up with a decision yet. So far our choices are the Lexington Village and the Brown Villa. We'll wait for the announcement from our coordinator, Mags, for confirmation.

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