Thursday, May 22, 2008

Anawangin, Here We Come!

So, we've finally confirmed our booking with the Anawangin organizers last night. There was an orientation at McDo Eastwood with Dhang, our coordinator. Ikee and Len, my sister-in-law, were there with me. Some of the guys from my husband's office attended it with us too.

We discussed the time of departure, what to expect and requests for meals. Dhang answered most of the queries we had and we were assured that everything is under control. Apparently, the organizers are mountaineers and they had gone to the different sites in the Philippines. After that, they tapped the resources and established networks everywhere. Then they came up with the idea of organizing trips to exotic spots for diving, camping and mountaineering. Some of their offerings include trips to Maricaban, and another place in Batangas. We had been told that we'd leave at 12 midnight from the McDo Eastwood. Convenient. McDo there is open 24 hours so we can have some coffee or food while waiting for the others. Dhang would be joining us in the van. Tonight I learned that Len can bring their pick-up and park it at a parking lot just outside Eastwood, in the same compound where Banco de Oro is.

Dhang appeared to be amiable and jolly. I hope everyone else is. We're leaving tomorrow night. Anawangin, here we come!

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