Monday, May 12, 2008

A Financial Blog

Today, I've come across this blog, jacky's opinion. As you might have known, I love travelling so that one of the reasons I blog is to earn money so I can travel. With travelling, I can get to share more information which I blog about and it becomes a cycle.

jacky's opinion is one site where you can get information about financial matters. One example is how he has endorsed getting loans. To me, a loan isn't one of the options that I would consider in doing business. But jacky's Opinion made me look at the brighter side and gave me tips on how to tap the potentials of that option.

The website is well organized and I envy it. When you want to click on one idea, every blog related to it are there. I wonder if he used wordpress for it.
Looks like the author is serious in making money for himself and helping others get some too. His Opinion are practical which any ordinary person, blogger or not, can apply in his daily dealings. The information the author gives are varied and viable.

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