Monday, May 12, 2008

Where're You At Mother? - Mother's Day Celebration At RockWell

Yesterday was Mother's Day. I had expected not to go out because we were already at the Manila Shangri-la the previous day. In the morning, both my daughter and my husband were at the ULTRA pool to swim. When they got here, Boyet handed me a red box from Becky's (a well known cakes and pastries shop) and had instructed me to put it in the freezer. They both greeted me and my mother-in-law happy mother's day. So sweet.

Anyway, I was told that we'd be out to dinner. Earlier on, I and my mother-in-law were sort of wishing we could go to Tagaytay. I had wanted so much to try out Taj, an indian restaurant somewhere near the zoo. But we had a late lunch because the two people who came home from swimming were too tired and slept a little before having the meal.

We left the house at 4:20 p.m. Both Boyet and Ikee had to catch the 4:45 pm mass at the Rockwell so we could go to California Pizza Kitchen early. It's a family holiday and we had expected the restaurant to be so full. Boyet tried to get a reservation but the restaurant said they can't give out any reservations because there were so many people.

Nanay and I waited for them at the Fully Booked Bookstore at the 3rd floor. We had some fun together because I was laughing at how she sat on the floor like I did. There was nothing else for us to do but read but it turned out that we hadn't that much time to check out the books we liked. I was looking at some internet books and she, you wouldn't believe it, was browsing some romance novel.

When we all met up, I suggested we go to Rustan's grocery first. We had bought some stuff for the house and for Nanay to bring to Montemar tomorrow. Then we went to CPK. Although there was a line, we didn't have to wait so long. 15 minutes tops. After that we were in. We had the family favorite, the Barbecue Chicken Chopped Salad, an order of white pizza and 2 kinds of pastas, the Roasted Garlic Shrimp and the Ravioli. The meal was superb. When we were done eating, I hinted to the waiter that we be given the mother's day treat. He originally said there wasn't anymore but that he'd give us some dessert. But he came back and told us that the mother's day treat is available already and that he had it made for us. Well, we had 1 additional dish to bring home on a doggie bag. The others were the left over ravioli and pizza. The meal was really good but we were just too full already.

Before we went home, I had to do a quick look at the book I had wanted to buy at Fully Booked. However, Ikee said she was already sleepy so I opted to just go home and go back for it next week. That's where my celebration ended and it was quite fun. How did you spend your day?

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