Friday, May 09, 2008

Heard of Anawangin?

Have you heard of Anawangin? I have. Its a campsite in Zambales on a beach with a campsite. From the pictures in the internet, it looks like a really nice place. Anwyay, we're going there to stay on May 24 to 25. here's our IT:

Day 1 (May 24)
12:00mn Assembly @ mcdo eastwood
1:00am ETD San Antonio, Zambales
4:00am ETA Brgy. Pundakit
5:00am ETD Anawangin Beach
6:00am ETA Anawangin Beach
Free time
12:00nn Lunch
1-5pm Free time
6:00pm Dinner
8:00pm Socials

Day 2 (May 25)
5:00am Wake-up Call
5:30am ETD Capones Island
6:00am ETA Capones Island
7:00am ETD Anawangin Beach
7:30am ETA Anawangin Beach, Breakfast
9:00am ETD Brgy. Pundakit
10:00am ETA Brgy. Pundakit
12:00nn Lunch
3:00pm ETD Manila
7:00pm ETA Manila
8:00pm Home Sweet Home

Min. 15 person Php2,000
Inclusive of: All Transportation (VICE-VERSA), 5 meal
(Sat breakfast - Sun Lunch), Camping Fee, Capones
Trip, Tent.

For those of you who'd like to join, let me know. I'll refer you to our organizer. I'll post pictures here after the trip.


Anonymous said...

ang ganda naman ng offer na 'to. sama kami ;(

jane said...

sure! Andito ka pa ba? If you really want to go dahil nandito ka pa, I can book you. kaya lang camping to ha. at public ang facilities. Ganda daw don!

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