Saturday, May 17, 2008

The New Viewsite Restaurant In Tagaytay

Ever since my dad introduced us to the Viewsite Restaurant in Tagaytay, we have been going there to treat some friends or just to have a family meal. The resto happens to be one of Tagaytay's cheapest places to dine. Coupled with a view of the picturesque Taal Volcano which is what you normally go to Tagaytay for, it gives the client value for his money.

Now they've built a newer, more beautiful resto very near Josephine's. I haven't gone there myself but from afar, it doesn't seem to have any semblance to the old Viewsite. Anyway, if the management is the same, they'd still have the good food and cheap prices there just like the old one. I'd have to be the judge of that. Hopefully before the summer break is over.

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