Friday, July 04, 2008

Crayons in Your Menu?

Nah, of course not. Crayons can't be part of the menu. But it can be part of what a restaurant can offer. These days where the competition gets really stiff, there's got to be some gimmick that can attract customers to get shell their dough. Perhaps one of the best age group of customers to invest in are the children. And why not? where the children go, there's got to be at least one person to go with each one of them. That would make the sales grow double instantaneously.

But what about crayons? In Manila, there are restaurants that are considered to be kid friendly. By that I mean these restaurants offer some sort of treat to the children by giving them activities that they can do while they wait. And yes, of course, crayons are vital to the activities. In Burgoo, for example, they have this huge easel paper that covers their table and there anyone specially the children cn doodle on it. Parents and children get quality time together because they can interact while the child draws. The Burgoo branch that we like are those found in Podium and Rockwell Malls.

Another such restaurant is the TGI Fridays. Unlike Burgoo though, Fridays has the regular platemat sized paper which has caricatures that the child can color. But, they occasionally give out balloons to the young ones. Ikee's favorite is the Friday's at the glorietta. She used to like their dessert treats for kids.

If I remember correctly, even Cravings at the Shangri-la Plaza also uses crayons to keep their little customers busy while waiting for their chow.

Anyway, I do hope the restaurants realize that entertaining their most valuable clients will substantially increase their profits.


bertN said...

I think it is a trend - most mid-scale restos in California have this gimmick and it is working! I love it because I do not have to chase my grandchildren or look for them under the table before the food is served LOL.

Blog2u said...

It's good even for the "big kids". I always play with the crayons and doodle :)

jane said...

Hi Bert. Well, it did serve its purpose of entertaining my daughter when she was little. It even stopped her from crying a few times.

blog2u same here. I do like having to draw. Not that I'm good at it. haha!

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