Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Wild Package

One of the most memorable experiences we had in the US was our visit to the Wild Animal Park in San Diego. Well, that's aside from the fact that we didn't have a local with us and had to rely on a map and my navigational skills which is 90% good and a mere 10% troublesome (I got ourselves lost a couple of times in the US).

It was the first park that I saw which had imitated the natural habit of the animals there. We were made to ride a train to see the whole park. It would have been impossible to have covered such a large area on foot. My daughter wasn't so excited at that at first. But when we got to the part where they let her pet some of the creatures, she had here grin from one earlobe to the other. That wasn't a first for her because she has had several live encounters with some animals here in the Philippines. But it was the first time she had been able to pet that much animals in one day.

Anyway, I remembered that trip because I chanced upon their website today. They currently have a package for 4 persons which costs only 88 USD. That's quite a deal.

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