Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Paint on A Really Bad Picture

One of the good things that has happened during this administration is the opening of the NAIA 3 which has been long overdue. Way too long as a matter of fact. It was supposed to have started its operations in 2002 but because of some issues that remain to be unresolved until the present time the airport's opening has been put on hold. The airport should be able to start earning at least to maintain itself. The government has lost money just trying to keep lights, guards and water in the vicinity to secure it.

Cebu Pacific, Air Philippines and PALExpress have started to use the facilities although there's much to do to repair and update those that have been installed already. Imagine repairing something that's not been used? It's like buying a brand new clothing that has a hole in the middle of it. sigh*

So, anyway, hooray to the GMA Administration. I just hope the administrators of the airport will do their work.

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