Friday, July 25, 2008

Those Nasty Mosquitoes!

Well, it's that time of the year again when the vicious creatures that buzz on your ears strike. Yep, them mosquitoes are back with a vengeance.

I was at the hospital today completing my IV therapy cases for my application for a license and most of those (at least 50% of mine and about 40% of my friend's) were dengue cases.

But visitors to the Philippines, specially Manila, should not be scared of coming. After all, it only takes a bottle of mosquito repellent to fend those things off. There's not that much number of cases here. I just happened to be in a hospital.


bertn said...

I have a nephew who contracted dengue recently. He was visiting from Canada. Luckily he recovered, but a niece based in Philippnes succumbed a year earlier to the disease. It is a cause for concern, isn't it?

jane said...

Sorry to hear about that Bert. Yes, it is a cause for concern because anyone can have it. But like I always say, these diseases may be avoided if only people would take extra precautionary measures as anyone would when visiting other Asian countries. Like, there's still avian flu in Hong Kong but that shouldn't stop anyone from going there. We've not had anyone in our family have it and we're here 24/7. When the rainy season starts, I make it a point that they have their insect repellent. Also, there are places that have a high occurrence of the disease. Usually, these are in the places where the waters tend to stagnate. I'm a member of virtual tourist and we usually give advices to potential visitors to the P.I. One of the things I stress is the importance of having insect repellents.

bertN said...

Thanks for the advice. I'll keep insect repellant in mind when I visit Pinas. It is strange though, because when I was working there, I just slept anywhere with total disregard for mosquito bites. During all that time, I never contracted any mosquito-borned diseases nor was too concerned with it. Maybe things have changed or I was just lucky then.

zylla3 said...

Indeed, I have my own mosquito story. However, I just got back from the Philippines a few hours ago and still operating on Philippine time.

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