Monday, August 18, 2008

Changes at the Burgoo Restaurant - Powerplant Mall

We were at Burgoo Restaurant, Powerplant mall, Makati last night. Ikee had to eat beef and the place is just across the cinema so we went there.

Normally, I'd order salad, an appetizer and a main course. I'm not fond of soups but it would have been good to have it. Neither Boyet nor Ikee craved for it either so we had skipped the soup altogether. I wasn't hungry because I had just come from Big Chill and had a Jumbo drink of yogurt and fruit.

Our fare included an order of cesar's salad, calamari and beef fajita. The quantity was just right for us such that it was one of the few times we didn't have to go home with a doggie bag. The meal was ok. Nothing spectacular. Although it hadn't been like that before. Burgoo used to be a family favorite.

Last night, I thought the salad was a bit too sour for my taste. Plus, it lacked the creaminess that I used to like and had craved for in the past. Probably due to the effect of rising prices, the large serving which used to feed all five of us was not even enough for the 3 of us, to think that I wasn't even hungry. Neither were my companions.

I do wish they'd address that. It's not really a bad dining experience because Ikee still liked the food. But, I would have been happier if they hadn't altered anything. Well, maybe the price can change every now and then because customers should pay for the quality of the dish they order anyway. What's your idea?

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