Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Indian Cuisine in Tagaytay

If you like curry, masala, and those indian fare, you must go to the Taj in Tagaytay. A recent visit to the restaurant has taken me by surprise because although I have heard of the fine cuisine they serve, I never thought they meant it to be really GOOD! We had some lamb curry and beef samosa that were both creamy and hot!

Anyway, I tried their spicy yogurt drink and both my husband and daughter had the sweet yogurt. Both were good but since mine is unusual, I thought it to be exotic. Imagine yogurt with some ginger, black pepper and chili. The spice enhance the creaminess of the drink without a hint of sweetness. It was strange at first but when you get used to it, it is a wonderful treat. A word of caution though: if you are not used to eating really flaming, head bursting, mouth-fuming food, do ask for a moderate or light spice. You might find how hot their food is. My daughter was surprised because she has a high tolerance for hot food compared to most Filipinos. But she couldn't eat as much as she wanted because it was too hot for her taste. I liked it and it is as hot as I expected. But that's me.

Taj is not only a restaurant. It is now also a bed and breakfast place. We were allowed to take some pictures so I'm sharing them here with you. It's just sad that the halloween treat was over when we got there. But they do have another promotional offer this nov. until NOv. 30, they're offering their room rates at 50% off with free breakfast and massage for 2 and not to mention a fantastic view of the Taal Lake. That means for as low as Php2,000.00 you can stay there with another person overnight. additional bed costs 1,000 for most rooms. Not bad.

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