Monday, December 08, 2008

A Quaint Affair

Dec. 5 for my family is a day to celebrate. It marks the day my husband was born and it is widely celebrated in Bangkok. Well, not because of his birthday actually but because it coincides with King Bhumibol's natal day too. It is thus a holiday in the country. Hehehe how's that for some trivia?

Anyway, for the 2nd time, we went to Cavite to pay our real property tax and proceeded to Tagaytay after that just as we did last year. Ikee had no class that day so she willingly, joyfully and excitedly went with us. The trip from our home to the City hall took about 1.5 hours. We got there at 11:30 am and Boyet rushed inside because it was almost noon and their break starts at 12 so noone, not even the nymph nor any of the province's mythical creatures, can break that "employee-declared law". It was good, though, for us because it meant we were out of there and were Tagaytay-bound before 12 noon.

After we had gone from the municipal hall, we drove up to Tagaytay to have lunch. Deciding for a place to dine had always been a matter of discussion for my family. We seem not to have any place in mind. So, as it has almost always been the case, I suggested we go to Antonio's. I had seen and heard of them from VT and the ratings have been good.

There were very few people at the resto when we got there - perhaps 3 families and a couple. Although I had wanted to try their steak, Boyet and Ikee were not up to it. Thus, we had settled for the breakfast items which, yes, they serve until 4 pm. I had corned beef as suggested by our waiter, Ikee had sausage, and boyet had eggs and longganiza, which is the local sausage of course. We also had a serving of fresh vegetable salad.

The meal was very delectable. The venue was serene and tastefully designed. The price was ok but their steak are expensive. Maybe it was good, I don't really know. Didn't get to taste them. I will next time though. I'm posting some pics here for you to see.

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