Saturday, December 13, 2008

Singapore Here We Come!

As always, you must forgive me for not having written here for a long time. I have a number of reasons but the latest one is because I am preparing for our trip to Singapore by the end of the month. Yipppeeee!!!

Actually, we had originally planned to go back to HK but I couldn't get a flight that's cheap enough for us. Thus we opted to go to Singapore via the Diosdado Macapagal Airport (aka Clark) in Pampanga. It might be 2 hours away from here but the difference of more than 15 thousand pesos makes up for the trouble. Besides, I also want to experience flying out of that airport since I had been hearing good things about it. Another factor for our decision was that I couldn't find an available hotel or hostel for us.

Anyhow, it's been a while since our first trip to the Lion City and we're all eager to go back anyway. Ikee was in the 5th Grade when we went and she's been wanting to go spend a day at the Singapore Science Center since then. So, when I suggested the alternative to Hongkong, the family readily said yes.

So I finally got the tickets, via Cebu Pacific too. Yes, them. We have to keep the budget low. That leads me to my 2nd problem. For weeks, I had been surfing for a place to stay. Yesterday, though, my husband told me that he had been in touch with his cousin Rowie to ask for suggestions. Instead, she offered for us to stay with them for the duration of our trip. Is that good or what? ;)

Now that I'm free of the 2 most head-aching, mind boggling portion of our preparations, I'm spending time to prepare our itinerary. So far I have Singapore Science Center and the Night Safari on the list. Any suggestions?

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bertN said...

I've been to Singapore only for a day (cruise stopover) so I can't tell you much about it but I do wish you and your family a very enjoyable stay.

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