Tuesday, March 24, 2009

CRAZY DEAL - An Ilocos Trip with Photography Class for 6K

Is this for real? An Ilocos trip with a Photography lessons? Some people must be out of their mind!

But, it is true. There is such a trip organized by the Travel Fcctor. It includes full board, all meals served buffet style, a chartered bus that will take the participants from Manila to Ilocos and Back to Manila, and all entrance fees. As if these weren't enough, they had to throw in a photography lesson for all the days in Ilocos, a tee-shirt and travel insurance.

Crazy eh?

Anyway, the schedule is from April 4-6, 2009. For the itinerary and other details check out Or, you may email

If THEY'RE CRAZY to make one trip like this, WE'D BE CRAZIER to miss it!

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New Morden world – A Travel Blog said...

Nice one really a crazy deal.

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